Man in Black

Man in Black

Book 3: Black Knights Inc: Reloaded

A story as old as time… He comes from nothing, and she was born with a silver spoon. Do opposites really attract?

The Black Knights are back and better than ever!

As the son of a felon, Fisher Wakefield is no stranger to the seedier side of life. So when Eliza Wakefield, BKI’s elegant and efficient Girl Friday, finds herself the target of group of low-down, murderous thugs, he doesn’t hesitate to jump into the fray despite Eliza insisting she doesn’t need his help.

The lone survivor and only witness to the killing of U.S. senator and his family, Eliza is forced to rely on the covert operators at Black Knights Inc. to keep her safe. But she’s never been very good at letting other people solve her problems. And to make matters worse, Fisher, the bad boy from the bayou, refuses to leave her side.

As the Black Knights race to uncover who is behind the senator’s murder, they soon find out all is not as it seems. There are mysterious powers at play. And if Fisher and Eliza can’t learn to work together, they might lose everything.

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